The last of my 2018 Jukro Sejak

Sweet, rich, savory bread from the dry leaves: the last bit of this tea I’ve been saving for a special day…

I brew it with a relatively small amount of cool water, about 130 F, almost like Japanese jade dew. I’ve brewed this Korean bamboo dew like this before with amazing results. No disappointment.

Compared to the pour of the water from the kettle, the brewed liquor pours out thick and viscous, like maple syrup, as it pulls out the savory umami from the leaves.

Umami, ginseng, candy cane, maple, honey….

Menthol cooling effect, and the mouth immediately waters after finishing my sips wanting more.

Lingering “fresh forest green” fragrance in my mouth.

I drink it for about a dozen or so infusions, slowly increasing the water temperature, attempting to savor every last bit of this bamboo dew.

Mouth still waters for more. But, there is no more….